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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

busy busy of the month

hey reader. .

August, September and October my life full with assignment  mid term, quiz, apply for practical and now final exam. . i can spent more time to my life because i only focus to my last semester. . no more shopping, no more bowling, mo more movie. . its empty life right. . but i need to handle this situation for this semester. . 

btw, i got my new stuff. . just for release my tension. . her name hachiko. . i just call her chiko. . she's so cute. . i love her so much. . 

 hi, im chiko :)

thank to my hubby cause always have time to listen my "bebelan"
 i love u so damn much b. .(no motive) 

credit to ahmad syahir

that all may be. . 
just want to share about my routine. .

simple of me 

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