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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

crayon :)

hey babe
just a simple entry
ok let start
i moved from old house to new house
because im tired to listen bad thing about me from people not know who im
and i think its a way to clear myself from life what we call nothing 
new house
its better than before
i like it and more safety
yah im tired when i need to packing my stuff
i have a lot of stuff at old house
and i dont know why so many things i have

orite listen 
thanks to GOD because lastly im moved from there
thanks to GOD because now i know who my friend and who my enemy 
thanks to GOD because give me chance to change myself
i know im not perfect without GOD help

p/s : forgive ur enemy but never forget their name . . hello enemy, u have my word  :)
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